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Commercial Carpet & TILE Care

We address the cleaning needs of all commercial spaces by caring for tile, carpet, vinyl plank, wood surfaces, upholstery, and fabric cubicle walls, with our high quality CCPM (Clean, Care, Protect and Maintenance) programs.

A clean and healthy commercial space is necessary both for your company's image and to help with employee morale. We clean, protect, and maintain your tiled surfaces, carpet, vinyl plank, wood, upholstery, and fabric cubicle walls using low-moisture cleaners that are natural, bio-degradable with no adverse effects to people, pets or the environment.

CARITSO Dry Extraction

Carpet in commercial spaces is heavily trafficked all year long. We work with green environmentally safe low-moisture products in a 'dry extraction' process to clean and care for your carpet, ensuring they continue to look fresh and inviting for years. Minimal water use means carpet is virtually dry at the end of the extraction process.

The Dry Extraction cleaner dissolves and removes stains, spots, dirt, and oils from the carpet. After extraction, the carpet is clean, free of odors and dry. No 'down-time' necessary!

Traffic Lane Maintenance

We design a detailed Maintenance Program for your high traffic lanes, at the frequency you request. Services are performed on a predetermined date.

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